Türk Prostodonti ve İmplantoloji Derneği

The Message of the President

The Message of the President

Dear Colleagues,

We have come to duty in April 2016 with the support of members of the Turkish Prostodontics and Implantology Society (TPID), which I am proud of and glad to be a member of. Our association in which Turkey’s most established associations in the field of dentistry was founded in 1976 and serves over 40 years to the prosthetic dentistry community.

From the first day we started our duty, we aimed at bringing our community which has the biggest number of specialist in the field of dentistry, with the support of our colleagues with the slogan ‘UNITE IN PROSTHODONTICS’. We achieve our goal with both our scientific congresses and meetings which we had share our professional problems and in our last congress we announce it together to ENTIRE TURKEY.

The increasing participation of our scientific congresses which are repeated every 2 years and of our symposiums which are held once a year, the participation of doctoral students, specialists and lecturers from all faculties, the presentations made by our young colleagues both in English and Turkish, the participation by our young academicians as session moderators, the training courses to refresh and consolidate our practical knowledge, and the repetition of these courses with the numbers of 500 participants prove how far we have progressed. In addition, the most important feature of these congresses and symposiums is that our young colleagues are acquainted with each other, and also with their valuable lecturers and business associates. Prosthodontics, the most populous branch in dentistry in Turkey, will develop further with the esprits de corps.

We intend to apply TPID ACADEMY in 2018 in order to increase the professional competence of our young colleagues and to transfer their qualifications to dentists in various platforms as “PROSTODONTIST” by the theoretical and practical courses for the TPID members with the aim of furthering this cooperation.

I would like to express my deepest sincere love and respect in the hope of having more beautiful achievements with the contribution of our members.

Prof. Dr. Yasemin Özkan
President of Turkish Prostodontics and Implantology Association