Türk Prostodonti ve İmplantoloji Derneği


Tpid Türk Prostodonti ve İmplantoloji Derneği


The mission of the association is to develop the scientific, technical and practical knowledge about prosthetic dentistry and implantology of dentists, specialists and dental technicians.


Because of the worldwide spread of implantology, Istanbul University Department of Prosthodontics members have taken the decision to establish the Implantology Association in 1976. The first official meeting was held in April 1977. This is the meeting which Gazanfer Zembilci was elected as President and Senih Çalıkkocaoğlu, Peker Sandal, Muzaffer Deniz and Mehmet Beyli was also appointed as the other members of the executive board. At that time Gazanfer Zembilci, who was the Head of Istanbul University’s Department of Prosthodontics, along with four other colleagues has taken considerable steps and made detailed studies on the organization of the association. Yet in those years the idea of ​​implantology was not widespread among dentists. Together with the association, opportunity was provided to promote implantology, to support scientific research in this area, and to discuss and share ideas within the group.

The second meeting of the Implantology Association was held in April 1978 and Erhan Akın was elected to the presidency. Other board members were determined as Senih Çalıkkocaoğlu, Erdal Poyrazoğlu, Erman Tuncer and Erhan Ocalan.

Due to the development of the implantology discipline, it has become necessary to consider the prosthodontics in the same association over time. For this reason, in January 1980, the Implantology Association was renamed as Prostodontics and Implantology Association. Board meetings were repeated every two years, with changes in the names of board members according to the results of the meeting. The second branch of Turkish Prostodontics and Implantology Association was established in Ankara in October 1988.

Turkish Prostodontics and Implantology Association has been a sponsor of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry since September 1990. Senih Çalıkkocaoğlu was elected as an Organization Editor in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry in 1990 and left his role to Mehmet S. Beyli in 1999 due to his retirement as a decision by board of directors.

In a meeting of the board of directors in January 2000, Erdal Poyrazoğlu was elected president and Çetin Sevük was appointed as vice president, Betul Tuncelli as treasurer, Murat Aydın as member and Begüm Akkayan as secretary. With the support of a growing number of members, this team has hosted very important organizations for sharing developments in the field of prosthetic dentistry and implantology with all dentists, ensuring development and growth for the purpose of the association.

Scientific Meetings

First scientific meeting of the association was held in Istanbul between 22-25 March 1980 under the topics of ceramics, implantology, removable dentures, maxillofacial prostheses and dental materials. The second scientific meeting in partnership with the German Society for Prosthodontics was held in Cyprus between 23 to 30 May 1981 with the wide participation from Turkey and other European countries. Scientific meeting held in September 1989 with the presentations of Ulf Lekholm whom was a major name in the field of implantology was drawn great attention.

One of the most important meetings of the Turkish Prostodontics and Implantology Association was the 9th Scientific Congress, which was jointly organized with 18th Traditional Conference of the European Prosthodontic Association. The congress was held in Istanbul in September 1994 and has hosted a large number of dentists from the United States, Canada and various European countries. Invited speakers were Dr. P.S. Wright, E. Budtz-Jorgensen, N. Jedynakiewicz, S. Hobo and J.O. Burgess. Then, in September 1998, a scientific meeting was held in Cappadocia jointly with the 3rd Scientific Meeting of the Prosthetic Academy and Gnathology Society.

The 11th Scientific Meeting of the Turkish Prostodontics and Implantology Association was held in Ankara on 26-29 October 2000.